Shannon Huber – Camp Crew

Why are you standing up against the operations of WestCONnex?

I come from Brisbane originally. But this is symbolic of the vicousness and corruption of the government here. It is the overdevelopment of Sydney. A form of social cleansing, and this is an arm of that. A government of developers and corporations. The same people buying public housing and shutting down the nightlife. Creating a ghetto of the rich. Creating an homogenous, concrete nightmare compared to a vibrant, eclectic community.

How long have you been involved in the movement? And how long at this Sydney Park camp?

In and out for two years. Aware since I moved from Brisbane two years ago. This is my first shift at the camp today. I was walking my dog this morning, and I came to see what was happening, especially after seeing the video of the police raid here a few days ago.

What is your vision/the outcome you would like to see for this movement?

Too many houses are lost, lives are turned upside down. Ultimately exposure of the corruption and to stall them. Hope to spark transparency in government. And to save this park.

What are you known for in the camp, or in general by your loved ones?

I am a lover of dogs.







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