Sonia von Bornemann – Camp Crew

Why are you standing up against the operations of WestCONnex?

Basically, with a big city like Sydney, and with the density of population, we need a good public transport system. WestCONnex takes public land and takes away from public facilities. Also, it causes noise and air pollution. And it is irresponsible to not have a working transport system. In Amsterdam, with only 1 million people, they have a great public transport system and for 15 years now they have planned and are building an underground system. We need good decisions made for the community, and creative ideas for the developers.

How long have you been involved in the movement? And how long at this Sydney Park camp?

Since the beginning, about two years ago. At the camp since Sep ’16, since the beginning.

What is your vision/the outcome you would like to see for this movement?

Make an impact on decision-making within local and State Govt. Like the tent embassy in Canberra did in 1960s-70s made on the referendum. To have a policy that is followed up for the benefit of the community and public transport system. There is a thing called the ‘no-compete clause’ that is completely illegal, and the WestCONnex are using this. It means the privatisation of the roads will lead to public transport systems, our own NSW transport system, to be in direct competition with the roads, which means in certain corridors along the freeway public transport can not be used. We will have a traffic clogged future.

What are you known for in the camp, or in general by your loved ones?

Being here every Tuesday 10 – 12pm. This all reminds  me of being part of the Palestinian activist groups in Sydney. Losing homes, rights, being walked all over by the Israeli, is what is happening this Government in Australia. This is what is happening to us.


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