The Internalist.

When you are called to feel.

Feel truthfully what travels within.

Within, there is a conversation you can uphold.

Uphold, with your highest regard; your own wisdom, your own guidance, your own conflicts, your own defiance.

Defiance to truly open up.

Up to the skies of the love you deserve by your side. What do you deserve?

Deserve? To be cherished as a sacred being; in my masculine and my feminine being.

Being, believing; a soul to meet your love in union, with another, through heartfelt synchronicity.

Synchronicity in its sound; messages as they travel astral.

Astral to the starlit sky each night, each night.

Night sky, take what I call upon down from the  heavens, I call on their own; the presence.

Presence is all I can offer thee. Truth of what I feel I offer thee.

Thee who I wish to encounter, as I raise my fists high to the calling.

Calling on the melancholy bequeathed, taking hold, it travels within.

Within me, still not familiar with that feeling, this power union of synchronised heartbeats.

Heartbeats are so many, held with compassion and love.

Love is where I hold all that hold me, equally, in awe.

Awe is what I know.

Know this, my fellow internalists, we are not alone to hold the conversations with our own reckonings within.

Within is all I have to go by, as I lift to what has gone by. I cry.

Cry those tears, lift those cheeks to the night sky, as the wetness streams your neck. Eyes dampened to that starlit sky.

Sky is unlimited, don’t be stopped by disillusioned elusiveness. You ain’t got this, but you got this.

These are your own internal grievances.

Written by Simona Galimberti.

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