The remnants of you remains in the fields of green and sunrise yellow

The thought of you makes me relive the last moments, within

I cannot seem to hold on to the thoughts

Explosion at every pore, at every seam

The seam is now a gold line between two parts of twine

Our sharing was unexpected, from the Divine

The remnants of you remains


Hongi receiving

Our foreheads connected

We cherished our individual presence

Your eyes are the place I would like to lay down in

Fields of green and sunrise yellow

Play there until the sun goes down

Even in the shadows


The embrace of our radiance

For all our tribes men and women

No matter what, hearts are welcome

Space is infinite, equally we share

But you, Divine Spirit, have entered a sacred space

There are no entry ways to this unique place

Yet, you found a clear pathway


Through the depth of your eyes

The touch of your skin

Your hands in mine

The love you brought in every moment

Truly, never a moment of abandon

You held me, in my entirety

Something I have not experienced

Now, to this day, seemed like an eternity


Constantly, the intensity of the love I bring

To those I want to let in

They run, and leave me without feeling

A numbness comes to me, energetically

As the force of their backs upon me

Running away, tires me


The warmth of my heart closes

Keeping my chest close to my spirit

My head drops

Unable to hold the ego’s rejection

My gaze hangs watching the shadow of my feet moving

Without direction

The heart keeps the beat of my rhythmic shuffle

Moving me forward to the next chapter of my own story

And the heart continues in beating procession


Those who run, return

Friends once again, we are family after all

No scars visible, no harm done

You realise they are not there for a good reason

They do not merit your essence

But always friendship, and presence


You, on the other spectrum, do

I know why all those others flee

To let you in spiritually

Your breathe was mine

So heavenly

When I hear the rise and fall

You brought back my fire

I could surrender to a felt desire


Didn’t even know this could be us

Our friendship has been over the years now

We realised we created a legacy of stories

You brought back the light in my eyes

As I see you as the human, your own design

Your flame, living and sharing this Earthly realm


Your spirit is more than those eyes

You see me

Those hands that explore with sensory devotion

You feel me

Spiritual connection

You held me


You lit this Goddess heart so bright

That in the darkest hours of the night

As I lay alone

In a distant home where I belong

The memory returns of our fields of creation

With an absolute reckoning

Internal sensations

I feel you


Even someone like me

Where all the boys flee from my loving intensity

You stood and came over to me strong

You held me there, beyond the fear of my song

Even someone like me

Could finally sink, surrender and belong

In the arms of a man

This woman could finally be still


This song is yours

For the gift you gave me of love

We did not need, or need again

Who knows what beholds us from this point on

A memory for now

Nothing more to ask for


Nonetheless, this ode is to you

For letting me surrender

Letting me be the woman for once and fall

You caught me

As a woman, is all I ever ask for

Blessed, you are heavenly.


Photo and Written by Simona Galimberti.



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