She awaits, ready, flowers in her hair. A woman of the wild green forests.

Awaits at a place within, where the dew drops sit in the dark night and settle on each petal.

The drops are perfectly light, she holds the liquid of life, she carries, she supports.

The flower and dew drop both await, ready for the dew dance, spirals its way up to the sky at the hit of the sun rays.

Changing form into the wave the spirit has, as it too rises. Rises to the Heavens.

All her petals vibrate with the colours blessed by the way the light hits them.


It is not all flowers, her stems have thorns as well.

Defences; a protection from just anyone taking her beauty.

Plucking her, out her wild into a single room, in a decorative vase for pleasure; pleasure for the one room, the one place.

The flowers, as she, taken from her wildness, surely the beauty and her nature will lose colour, lose life.


Beloved? She awaits.

Her flower awaits her chance to gift her nectar.

Like the bee, to return to the hive. As the bird, to return to the nest. A nectar of sweetness.

A gift to share. A gift, fit for the Divine. Created for the Divine. At service only to the Divine.

Divine union blessed by the Spirit. A flower awaits.


What is it a woman of the flowers, of the wild forests wishes for if not to be for pleasure?

To be.

To blossom.

To give nectar to all the birds.

To give nectar to all the bees.

Be free amongst all accompanying flowers, shrubs and trees.

To be safe and held, protected from the winds.

To die peacefully, amongst the wild.

Be one with her Beloved. Sacred in union.

Plant yourself near, Beloved, near the beautiful gardens of colour.

Grow alongside this blooming community. Share.

The sun shines it rays for us all to vibrate our highest purpose; to shower beauty and share our sweet gifts.

Share your gifts. Let go of fear, let go of competition. Let go of holding on. Express your colours.

She opens her petals for all to see the radiance of the flowering life, offered all to those in delight.

All for those in The Light.

Wild. Beautiful. Vibrant. Ready.

Written and Photo by Simona Galimberti.

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