The Radiance.

The Radiance. The Honour. The Power. The Vulnerability.
The ability to remain the Foundation within the Chaos of life.
This for me is my perception of the masculine.
This for me as the gender female.
This for me in my other half, masculine. 
We embody both, and all this as a whole.
Bow down to all those who hold their hearts at service for all.
I love you all my Brothers – you are the light in this world. Sun Gods.
You awaken your truth away from the dogma of role, you become what you have dreamt – the Holder alongside your awakened Sisters.
The path carries forward, but you are never alone on your journey.
Stand in the Light, and the Power of the Radiant Sun will give you all you ever desire away from the suffering of the ego mind.


Written by Simona Galimberti

Photo by Felipe Martinez Arbelaez @felipemartinez.fotografo

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