Hayden Williams – Camp Crew

Why are you standing up against the operations of WestCONnex?

I don’t believe in developments of toll roads. The community is funding the project, and we are not going to see the profits or benefits of it; if there are any benefits. And their lying. There are corrupt companies from overseas who are involved in this project. What does it look like in the long-term? What does it mean for the younger people? Climate change and private profit. If we were building transport we would have a vibrant, communal, connected city. All good things. The data does not stack up and I am all about data.

How long have you been involved in the movement? And how long at this Sydney Park camp?

For most of the past year I have been involved. I have been working for The Greens, doing data organising and training, means I have been thinking of roadways and public transport with this role. This is my third shift at the camp.

What is your vision/the outcome you would like to see for this movement?

Vision for Sydney that it is connected and vibrant, and sustainable. For the outcome we can say, they will build this road and the hope is it will be redundant. For public transport to become the viable option. People waste so much time in their cars. Originally, I am from the Central Coast, and people travel two hours to Sydney for work (20% of the population), then eight hours at work and then drive home. It causes social isolation.

What are you known for in the camp, or in general by your loved ones?

The elders like me.


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