Steffi Leedham – Camp Crew

Why are you standing up against the operations of WestCONnex?

I want a city that is liveable. We need public transport. Roads are too much money, tolls are too much money. They are destroying suburbs, especially by taking homes away and moving people elsewhere. And these families can’t find anything similar. It is disgusting. Trees are the lungs to our city, without them we have spiritual un-wellness and unhealthy well-being. I do anything I can for them not to do this. I will climb trees to stop them.

How long have you been involved in the movement? And how long at this Sydney Park camp?

Due to my refugee work, I have only been a part of the camp for six months. There is so much you can really do with time and energy. I work with refugees and Aboriginal communities. Every week, I visit people in Villawood detention centre. I have been friends with an Afghan man for four years, he is 24. We are deeply connected. He has been living in detention centres for 10 years, and is now at Christmas Island.

What is your vision/the outcome you would like to see for this movement?

Stop building it. Instead put money towards proper public transport. I have been 20 years in Australia. I come from Europe. Sydney has the worst public transport. Undeveloped countries have better public transport.

What are you known for in the camp, or in general by your loved ones?

I like climbing trees. And enjoy a lot of physical activity

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