Adia Lockie-O’Brien – Camp Crew

Why are you standing up against the operations of WestCONnex?

They took my home and they are destroying trees. Adia house was on Brown Street, St Peters.

How long have you been involved in the movement? And how long at this Sydney Park camp?

Last two years, maybe within three. At the camp since the beginning.

What is your vision/the outcome you would like to see for this movement?

If you see the news and the traffic reports, on the Harbour Bridge, I think it would take 5.5 hours to get to work, it would be like that. I don’t want that to happen to Sydney.

What are you known for in the camp, or in general by your loved ones?

The protector at the camp. I found my stick of doom (a branch from a tree) on the day they were fencing the toilets. So I was named the Sydney Camp guardian. I was with my friends Maya and Frankie.




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