We live through storms.

She rolls right in, cracking the grey skies open with the reverence of rumbling sounds. Total awareness of her bright light striking beauty. She charges her way through this air so dense, an air unwelcome, a blanket over your body, like a heavy film and sensation making each breath, breathe deep. Inhaling. Exhaling. The air of a returning storm. Hesitation is felt. A suspense flows with her clear cycle. Space is granted by all beings awaiting the decisive moment of transition. No thought. No insistence. A knowing of the lead up to change. Relief is felt as she prepares the waters, blessed be the drops, as they absorb into a thirsty ground, drip down your bare skin. Acceptance in all her states. Carry on by.

‘All in good time, lady storm, you will appear and clear, as the clouds, wind, trees, and electrical charge plays in unison for the moment – giving you this moment in time.”

Written by Simona Galimberti

Featured image by megatruh. Title – John & Maus: storm.

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