The superficial layer of life: trap or privilege?


In this life, this Earthly realm, we are given senses to experience with, to define our complete physical existence. The delights of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch is a gift you would say. Being human, these are presents we are adorned with.

To see the one you love, their physical beauty attracts you at first sight; the way they move, the way they dance. The sunset colours that spread across the dusk sky. Your own mother’s smile. The rainbow that visits after the passing of rain.

The sound of a hypnotic beat, music that enters your mind. The sounds of birds as the sun salutes the day. As rainfall hits heavy on the windowpane. The noise of wind gusting its way through trees.

The smell of your favourite meal as it fills the kitchen. The scent of a lover. A rose. A freshly baked loaf of bread. A coffee as it brews.

The taste of a home cooked meal after being so so hungry. The taste of going for seconds of your favourite flavoured ice cream. The taste of dessert  before your dinner. The taste of lover’s lips.

The touch from a friend reassuring you of love and support. A hug. The touch of your pet’s fur against your face. The feel of fabric as it warms you after you have been chilled to the bone. The feel of a welcomed breeze caressing your overheated skin from the scorching sun.

Is this all a privilege, or a trap?

When does it become a trap? When you believe all these senses define you. When you are so attached in feeling in the physical. Where the way you look, or other’s judgment of what you wear and appear to be become an obsession of thought. You overindulge in pleasure. You take without appreciation of its origin. Where you savour without taking the time it deserves. Living each moment with wanting, and careless about how your senses are being triggered in that moment.

Why not play and immerse in the fullness of this short-lived Earthly realm? We are here, right? This is it, right?

We have this body, it is given to us. It allows us to play, feel, create and experience all that our senses are designed for. It is when we separate ourselves daily from something bigger than us, believing that these sensations is all we need to satisfy our entire life. This becomes nothing more than a distraction towards who you truly are, who the other truly is. Unlearning is the new learning. Separation of fiction from reality is a constant discovery.

What brings you here, now, in this playground? What are you here to fulfill in this collective of fellow beings?

Perfection is nothing more then abiding to your physical expectation of your programmed should be. We are here to fulfill something greater than perceived perfection. We are here to serve a sense of belonging, to give unconditionally your self-realised gifts. Once you awaken from just satisfying your physical needs, you turn to your true self being the gift this world needs now. Give this gift without a thought. Give it because you have spent your days asking who I am beyond this necessity of expectation. Nothing is expected of you. Your gifts are as natural as the sun and moon, the seasons and cycles, the rain and shine. You are not defined by the superficiality of life – let those thoughts towards things go further towards what can I gift today? You are one with the gifts that surround you, enter you, become you.

The senses are here to show you, this human, this person is alive, now. But your gift, what you can give others in harmony from the purest knowledge of being, is a true privilege.

Live life to your largest, scariest, persistent calling. If you do, I can too.


Sculpture by Piotr Michinkowski. Painting by Rorie Nairn. Photo by Ben Robson Hull.

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