Illusive power of love.

Tonight, I lay awake. Endless is the torment of no sleep. I will sleep early, I said. But this has proven itself an empty remark, as I am now faced with a tiredness that sleep just does not want to mend.
I think of you. Do you know who you are? I don’t know who you are. I’ve met you , but I don’t know you. Letting you go, has been done before. And now I felt your touch, and I am to let go again. Again.
How is that you have such a hold of my mind? My thoughts? Over and over again your feel touches my memory to a point where all I see is the electrical current that passed through, you see? My chest and your chest alight, like an Alex Grey image. You and I have this. Helpless to know whether you felt this. Perhaps it is just me in this.
I’m told judgement is to subside. If you lose all judgement an Empress will be followed by an Emperor. The Empress and Emperor govern the heart. I felt your heart. A heart ceases to judge. The mind takes a tale to its depth and beyond. Truth or tale?
And now, I am to let go. As I fear what is called the illusive power of love. It could be just a toss and turn in a sleepless night. Or the fact, no matter what face stands beside me, your power stands in front of me. Constantly. Constantly, I am to let go. Constantly, I am taken by the illusive flow.
Written by Simona Galimberti
Photo by Guy Menzies-Saunders – GMS photography

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