You are welcome dawn.

It has been a long time since I have been on My motivation stems from being on holidays, therefore a good time and mental space to be here with my photography. Bali reminds me of the women I was blessed to connect with at the retreat. This is for the goddesses. Enjoy!

As the last day of being in Ubud had arrived, we take to our dawn walk. The moon is to your right, the sunrise is to your left. It is at that point of the day the sky is balanced with Earth’s neighbouring friends of light.


In this landscape, at this time, you cross paths with very few walks of life. Yet, unexpectedly The Banteng are found off path. What a herd of beauty. After spending a good part of the morning with them, we had awoken the farmer. He was calm to our presence and just went about giving the banteng their morning feed.






Get out everyday, miracles are awaiting for you to discover them. One miracle per day is all it takes. A sight, a sound, a vehicle to journey, a person, whatever this miracle is, it’s yours.


_DSC0371 copy

Until next time.

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