Aphrodite emerges from the waves

Aphrodite, the sacral chakra

The Beautiful Muse is the second soul sister we meet on our feminine journey. She

is the glamour puss who often arrives as we banish Lilith’s new pubescent changes

from public view with an assortment of cosmetics, hair products and coquettish new

clothes. She is often apparent long before puberty but firmly takes the reins around

the age of fourteen. It is usually around this time that we develop a ‘crush’ on that

special someone and test out our attractiveness on our dad or any other passing

male. However girls who experience sexual abuse often suppress their playful

Venusian expression for fear of unwanted sexual advances or they become extremely

flirtatious, basing their identity on how others have seen them in the past. – Tanishka, The Inner Goddess Makeover.

Journey with this music as Aphrodite travels through the waves, feeling her sensuality, feeling her essence surround her hips as she jumps and dives in the oscillation of the waves that have come from many oceans afar and have broken onto shore, at that moment, in her presence.

She frolics free amongst the waves. The maidens set their intention and blessings towards something bigger than themselves, towards the unknown, towards the sisterhood.



It brings joy, it brings a smile. Elation in all its glory.


When you gather together to do something for each other, it has no separation, but is one.  Dinner is served by candlelight, the colour of sunset blankets the beach. The maidens believe in their sensuality, their self-love once again. The gift is a pearl. Bali 2014 _DSC0185 _DSC0174 Enjoy the weekend. Until we meet again.

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