The heart whispers: a composition.

Picture this, like a Leunig cartoon depicting a moment, a happening.


You walk over to a fellow spirit.

Your hands are cupped in front of your chest,

Hold safe the treasure,

It sparkles beneath.


Slowly, reveal your tender beat,

As it pounds faster and faster,

Protrudes further, onto your sleeve.


With each eye contact,

With every sigh,

And synchronised breath.

Your heart is cupped in your palms.

It’s a flutter to begin

A rhythmic sing

A composition within chambers of your chest.


“What a fool I would be if I showed my heart to its entirety” says the mind.

“With blindness I will distract myself from this frivolity,

Go about your day with this thing I know you have to complete first”

Distract. Distract. It surely hurts.


Heart whispers.

Between each beat,

“I’m in your palms, no fear needed in getting hurt?”


This spirit in front of you now,

Is all or nothing.

Friendship is how,

It always seems to go down.


The urge to taste those melodic lips,

The mind is convinced, “It’s only you in this?”

Heart conveys, “ Let this spirit know you exist, with truth in this.”


Thoughts and flutters, sighs and stutters

It don’t matter what you show,

Your heart will always know.


Your mind pictures

Your heart in pieces,


Within your palms, and on the floor.

Loud with its own thoughts.


Weary, heavy

A construct of constant tragedy.

“Why me?!” It gasps,

As ego clouds your reality.


“This is the end,

You fooled yourself to believe

Vulnerability was the key?”


The heart dances to its own beat,

Seeing itself full and whole.

Within the chambers of your chest.

Never a piece to reach the floor.


Friendship is the truth of connection

Nobility wants to hold here.


“Good on you!” the heart beats loud and proud,

“You spoke words from your heart and mind”


The pathway between your thoughts and heart,

Is where the continual flow wants to beat and start.

This life carries all spirits along this path.


The End.

Written by Simona Galimberti

Cartoon by Micheal Luenig 1998 Australia Post Maximum Card – Michael Leunig Heart







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