Silence and simplicity; the great holders of lessons.


We walked the land. We spoke our truths. We held on to what was needed to be let go of. We gathered by the fire telling each other our stories, our perceptions of our current reality. We made jam from wild raspberries growing on the field. We breathed together, and did all this to feel.

Presently, an ascendants of consciousness towards connection and deeper knowing is occurring within the natural world around us; communities are gathering.

It is with the humble intention of “bring you” and all that you are, what you can contribute and share, and are invited to share. It is this space of invitation, with no pressured expectation, that you can truly feel, away from the distraction of a created, sometimes distorted, reality.

It is bliss and peaceful in the space between.

Yet, let us not fool ourselves my dear family, pain comes when silence enters. You are faced with a reckoning; your truth, an absolute, of all that you have created within your mind’s eye, and body desires, in its entirety. We are seekers of this truth constantly. Whether recognised or numbed, unveiled or hidden, embraced or shunned, truth will always come, like the sun.

Pain comes as much as it subsides. Joy comes as much as it subsides. Holding on and letting go is like smoke coming from a fire’s stoke. Afraid to give it a poke, but that movement keeps fire, flame and the pain alive. Burns away eventually, although, not before you feel the warmth and find community that holds it respectfully.

What a reward to be surrounded, as nature and sentient beings acknowledge your pain. Or be the one to hold sentiments, just the same. What connections felt even if silence is all you received. Your heart seeks more opening, as every heartbeat is released with a need for liberating. This is so we can give ourselves all the love we deserve, and send outwardly.

I can’t stress how much our world today needs your self-love, without your love, we are in a cycle of constant hurt. Release, and bring all your ten toes to the dirt. The Great Mother will support you here. Listen, observe, breathe……an openness has occurred.

There is space to let go of the sense of guilt, there is no punishment when silence is felt. The community holds you through these transitions, past pains coming through like a current, a transmission. We are invited, not expected may I again add, to step-up to our defined self-responsibility. Define this yourself, as that is what it is about entirely.

A peaceful gathering of sentient beings.
Time and space to connect with Nature, and feel all the embodiment of what it means to be human; through joy and pain whatever is travelling through us.

With the simplicity of observation and gifting what we can to the circle.

Thank you all for holding this space in the capacity that was available to you.

Silence and simplicity hold greater lessons than we can ever fathom.


Written and photography by Simona Galimberti.




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