Dear Sister, Dear Brother.

Dearest Sisters and Brothers, an ode to you both.

Let me start with….

Dear Sisters,

May you find the courage, to believe in yourself and all you are building towards to make YOU serene and content.

Those hopes and dreams that you lay in your mind, on your own time, hidden behind that bodily shell, you tell yourself ‘what the hell!’ and take that risk.

You create change in your daily life. You feel empowered and energised towards loving all those around you that call upon your strength. Blessed. We are blessed to know you. We hold you in this space, never to be erased. Blessed.

Perhaps with another voice, or the several echoes in your mind telling you ‘no,no, now it is not time’, you shrug them aside, yet, they stand there and abide, as you hold on, secretly, to the discouragement practiced quite regularly, quietly, as a way NOT to take action…’I didn’t want it any way’ and find the next distraction, as you continue and walk on that a way.

Lost, as YOU distract YOU from the cause. Never feeling good enough, bold enough, tall enough, strong enough, thin enough, beautiful enough..ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!

Serenity and contentment; you journey towards these emotional centres, destinations, manifestations – it don’t matter as they feel so right, words are irrelevant, at least not permanent, as you are always left with JUST the sentiment.

And it ain’t a JUST, it IS…don’t JUST… JUSTify, as you belittle your existence, apologise for being in another’s way as they are in yours, equally the same.

You are nothing more and nothing less HUMAN in this era of time that asks for you to be ALIVE and breathe along with your tribe that gives you fire in your belly…turn off the GODDAM telly, it makes you feel worthless, go out to nature and let it teach YOU… you are precious.

I know that it is a challenge, far beyond words that can placate the emotional detriment of too much sentiment. It’s oh-so-tiring sometimes to keep up with the demands of every day that takes you away from your prayer to find balance and serenity.

You are never alone, believe you me, as I sit with a number of women, us sisterly, divinely, radiant, powerful specimens to know we are not to be played with or taken for granted…that when you take away from a woman’s heart, your own need for her validation and turn your back to a new predation, you have lost something deeper than your fear to commit to her shining element…you have made her cry, and her heart ache, but in healing time, she will shine brighter than any words that you vaguely and vacantly dealt her.

As we all face her in her moment of pain, and take away the strain, by acknowledgment, repeating to her, you are the shining element. May you be granted serenity and contentment.

Dear Brothers,

Hand to heart, thank you, a bow of respect for your endless heart-felt demand to grow and unfold, to discover and ponder and to make sense of the intrinsic nature of our world.

You are the creator and the destroyer with powers beyond the polar…you make the world go round with your magical spell-bound of words and knowings, beholders of stories and tellings.

You wear the cape of the Magi, you made that cape to match your persona. And sometimes that persona stands in the way, your way, their way, the dooms day, to demonstrate ‘Hey I am here, get out of my way!’ To be shown up by your fellow brother who too speaks your language but has just rearranged the comma.

The sentence is the same, but the words spell a different game, to get ahead, and be recognised for your achievements, but humility is something you only learn with serious bereavement. And you know that it may come some day, but you know you must remain with clarity and ego in check to ensure that you do not fall over with nothing left but with your cape, entangled now, a choke holder. The unfolder.

Your heart hurts as no one asks how you feel? How DO you feel? And when they do, what language do you spill? ‘Be Real, Be Real, Big boys don’t cry…. stop being such a girl’ as you are told the feminine is not something of a gentleman, and learn to hold your vulnerabilities to your chest, exploding at every chance you get if misunderstandings occur out of context.

Honour comes and honour goes. You have spoken your truth from a place of heart. That is the start. Honoured to be in your presence at this moment. An honour.

You have the spirit of a warrior, and the dreams of an explorer. No rock gets unturned if you are given another brother’s shoulder to hold on, to delve into the depths of no place discovered before, as you want to be the one who tells the story, never want to be the ‘bore’. Sure. Let’s hear the story again, like we never heard it before. In awe.

You are loved endlessly for your insight and strength, and it don’t matter if you are six foot, dark and handsome able to carry 70kgs on your back. If you are slack, and lack the emotional responsibility that your mother tried to keep in check, good luck holding that weight forever on your back.

You know exactly what you seek, and find the feminine a place to take a constant sneak peek..a side glance of appreciation is all it takes for a woman, or a man, to melt upon that intentional motivated ‘Hello’ I’m seeing you, let’s talk’, but when you hear their spirit voiced and your heart is then NOT in a safe place, given choice, you race at a disappearing pace. They will never get another chance at that glance, as you turn your back.

With insight knowing exactly what it means to be held, not discovering it until it is felt. Irresponsible until love is dealt.

Your power is felt, when you show your true essence…honoured to be in your presence.

Sisters and brothers both dance on the magical journey to heal the Great Mother. Let our feminine and masculine meet, with serenity, contentment, presence and honour…all them entwining into one big production, where the creation and destruction are one big felt, heart seduction. Make our choices for less wasteful, harmful existence and let us ensure we become united with Divine persistence.

Written by Simona Galimberti. Artist Tomasz Alen Kopera.





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