Trephina: ode to your full moon glow.

As I sit by the dried River’s bed edge; I found myself at Trephina Gorge. I rest awhile, lay closing my eyes in the hope for an afternoon sleep. Memories travel in so many waves; quieting down to listen to the rustle of the Trees, as they speak to one another carrying messages with the Wind.

I rise and see the Sun’s afternoon hue. It coats every Leaf, Rock and Sand grain within sight. I cannot forget so easily this fortune of freedom that is granted every now and then when taken as a gift and received with honour.

I prepare to move across the dry River, Sand between every one of my 10 toes. A sinking feeling, as each step is taken West bound towards the ray of Sun. It’s ok to breathe, it is ok to be silent….not a word needed, as thoughts occupy the space regardless.

I think of all those special, unique, blessed souls who have been with me in great company, as we reunite with the full Moon delight. They cross my mind, as the Sun hits my face.

I turn to the left and find a beautiful Gum Tree bent so far over, making it possible to reach over to its flat area. Perfect for sitting; to bid the sun farewell again as it takes its trip to the Northern Hemisphere, around Earth it goes.

Childlike and nimble I pull myself up the trunk and find the perfect spot to meditate. Crossed legged and comfortable, I feel no concern as the ants explore this new specie in their paths way. I think and feel only of this present moment.

“There is no purpose to life, give it meaning” pops into mind and I think, where could I get this tattooed on my body?

Impermanence – the thought carries on by.

Goodbye Sun, as you hide behind the Gorge’s grand Rock face. The shade upon the landscape brings a whole new colour of peach and lime, yellow and tan.

The many footsteps imprinted here, down below, some time before, blanket the sand bank. There are snake trails too….I follow these with my eyes where they lead. With curiosity, and somewhat fear, I check every part of this Gum, as I turn my alarmed gaze to each branch. “Not here.” Unlikely. Silly fear.

Childlike once more, I find myself returned, sinking in the sand. When will I tap into my mother phase? When will this constant need for innocence and freedom turn to the empath, nurturer, giver? I don’t mean bearing children. I mean my freedom is far more important than giving my time endlessly to people. I freely offer my presence at any moment upon connection, but I will not give up moments with Nature for any body, or situation.

I am at peace with that, as I turn my gaze to the East. The sunset reflects upon the Gorge. Wow! I land to my knees. This is when you have to do nothing but watch the splendour of Nature. Time passes for It too….slowly, but it passes.

The orange glow creeps to the highest peak. Shade curtains the surround over the ground. I am there, grounded. Return to a meditative state. Peace is all I can bear now in my life. Peace is all I can bear. My state of being cannot tolerate another moment of chaos.

Goodnight to the Gorge, as I lay here to rest for the night. I walk towards a spot where I can salute the oh so near rising full Moon.

The Sun left to the West. The Moon arrives to the East….East bound journey begins.

Written by Simona Galimberti. Photography Tarryn Bug – Ormiston Gorge, Larapinta Trail.

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