At the eve of Solstice

At the eve of the Solstice, in the Southern parts of the globe,

The dark of days shows its glory at a time of Dark Moon, true colours do show.

Now don’t fear dark, as it comes to us as much as the light arrives

Brightened shadows of our thoughts,

Ebb through time, a time to dim the outward mind,

Inward, as we climb.

The Knight represents the masculine facet

So dignified, rational and coherent in thought

When balanced with divine feminine can cross lonesome forests

A warrior with a blazing heart.

With only refuge at the mind’s eye, as you survive a Winter presence,

Take a few steps deeper, irrevocably perceived pretence.

At the other end, no tunnel in sight,

A sparkle of afternoon light that penetrate the swaying foliage all surround.

Look up at the sky as the forests show their song

Through winds travelled beyond vast lands they sigh,

It is your time, go within, travel light with love on your mind

Give back to you, and then spread it all around

Until next time Winter Solstice, this moment, again,

Your treasure found.


Featured image provided by Greer Ford – photographer unknown.

Above image of Knight – Pinterest (

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