As the time passes, moments are captured.

Just being in a place sometimes gives you a sense of belonging, a sense of fortune and gratitude in being there. These moments happen all the time to us, with or without a camera to capture it. These are the moments in our lives that we get to experience, and that make us see and feel what we see and feel as we grow and get older.

The Crested Tern is blown by the wind. It shows its beauty in the reflection, as it stands alone on the rock formation at Newport Beach.


Sydney Botanical Gardens has transparent beauty all around the gardens. You see the attention to detail given by the landscape artists and caretakers of the gardens. The flora species are perfectly placed to ensure their survival and aesthetic appeal. The liveability of the fauna species who visit, or call this environment home are dependant on the design as well. What if you were to peep through the man-made structures, walls, lanterns and archways? The unintentional beauty. What do you see then?

Peeping through the Oriental Garden

There is no place like home.


Protect those that are vulnerable. Protect those that are ill. Protect the ones you love.




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