New SuperMoon in Virgo – 30th August 2019. Red Tent Australia

Integrate dream into reality.

Remember those big dreams you brought into mind? You are now being asked to bring them into focus and work details out for these dreams to be true and a reality.

On the 30th August, 8.37pm EST New SuperMoon in Virgo at 6°46”.
Virgo is an Earth sign, and the SuperMoon means the moon is closest to the Earth. So this is such a beautiful time for ritual and to plant the seed.

Virgo is logic, detail, planning, efficiency – the perfectionist. Yet, learn to relax into what arises rather than getting it all perfect.

Just in time for Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, it is an opportune time to de-clutter and purify. Declutter your mind with meditation and mindful practices. Go into your mind and observe what you are thinking, check in daily, journal and ask; what frequency and thoughts am I putting out to the world? By asking we can make changes, and Virgo allows us to really delve deep into our thoughts, ruled by Mercury.

Cleanse your body, eliminating one or two things out of your diet that causes you to feel less than lively.  This is a great time for a new way of eating and nourishment.

Purify your spirit by being with the ones who enliven you and your mind, go into nature, touch the ground with your body and feet.

If you are aware of where Virgo lies in your chart, which house and planet, you can get a clearer idea of what aspect of your life you will need to focus on and release old patterns from. As well as, with this personal knowing of your chart, be free to manifest within this great potency of New SuperMoon.

How can this play out in your circle for this New Moon?

Invite someone (if you are not skilled already) who is skilled and knowledgeable in plant and herbal medicine to teach simple herbal remedies for teas, tinctures and potions; how to heal with the Earth rituals.

Do a ritual with the Earth element, such as clay moulding or sand play in your tent.

Bring in a nutritionist to speak of healing foods. Or ask each sister to bring a plate they are most connected to that helps them feel good in the body, to share why and the recipe with the circle.

For those who want a little more on the astrology of planets and how they are placed effecting us also with the New Moon in Virgo…

The Sun Moon Venus Mars Mercury are all in the sign of Virgo. We have seven signs in Earth at this current time, with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Things can be heavy for those with little to no Earth signs in their chart. Hang in there. It is a great time to be grounded. We need this as physical beings. Nourish with wholesome food and nature to keep the balance.

Mars and Venus are conjunct 3° in Virgo – a union between our own internal masculine and feminine aspects is being brought to light. How are our ambitions nurtured by our creative flow?

New Moon is Trine to Uranus Taurus- our creativity is of high speed and truly connected to Source- truly inspirational. And Trine to Saturn Capricorn- the mastery of our own world dealing with authority and direction.

We are experiencing an Earth Grand Trine where material success, manifestation success, building things for long-term is amplified, particularly with those who have an Earth Grand Trine in their natal chart.

Written by Simona Galimberti. Image by