New SuperMoon in Libra – 29th September 2019. Red Tent Australia

When we see ourselves clearly in the reflection of others and the material world around us, we can truly know ourselves.

Libra New SuperMoon 29th September 2019, 5°20”, EST 4.26am. The third super moon this year.

Can we build on what we have released during the last new moons to come back to ourselves? To what we truly yearn for in connection with others, and connection to our true self?

The Libra New Moon shines a light on our relationship with material possessions, particularly our finances, and also relationships with others.

The Peaceful Warrior, the just, the seeker of equality and balance; Libra calls on us to integrate these needs with grace.

This is a time where our own relationship to material things and people can truly be tested, or further consolidated, all dependant on the frequency emitted toward which, and whom we relate to. As we are mindful of breathe to come back to balance, first and foremost within and for ourselves, we can truly find graciousness in the lessons we are being tested with. This further will consolidate our reckoning upon recognition of all things that we hold dear and value greatly in our lives. Basically, with this awareness, you will know where you stand, with love and self-compassion.

With Saturn going direct (Hallelujah!!), and I do not say this lightly, as it has been placed retrograde for six months now, we can now reap the rewards of the work we have done in the first half of this year. How did you use your power? In a healthy way, or perhaps gave it away, or was overbearing towards others? We will see the rewards of efforts made and how responsibilities were handled shine its light in the next coming months – behold Saturn the great (karmic) teacher! (Check where your Saturn is placed in which house in your chart, and you shall see the area of life it most shines its light for you).

Take time out to check in to your heart and breathe, and be real with what you have brought to each relationship, and what you can release to harness more connection in the next lunar cycle.

How can this play out in your circle for this New Moon?

This is a great time for a deep sharing circle, where relationships can be closely looked at and the heart can be spilled out amongst sisters.
Perhaps a circle of authentic relating, or somatic therapy.
Bringing a speaker to talk about Feng Shui, to better cultivate a healthy relationship with home, finance and possessions which surround you.
Or a guest speaker who specialises in finance coaching.

For those who want a little more on the astrology of planets and how they are placed effecting us also with the New Moon in Libra…

Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are all in Libra.
Sun and Venus are opposite Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries.
Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are conjuct to the north node of the moon.
It brings to light our self-worth, our sense of fairness and justice in the world where so much inequality exists amongst our human family. Our own healing towards injustice felt.

Uranus in Taurus is quinconce to the Sun and Moon. Chiron and Uranus are the great awakeners, shifting our spiritual perspective. It speaks once again about balance with the Sun and Moon both in Libra. Take time to speak to your higher self, meditate, journal the needs for your body and mind, and for our Earth.

Venus squares Pluto, and squares Saturn – this highlights our relationships, are we possessive in our relationships? This is a testing, or consolidating time in our relationships – so hold on tight and release all you can during the new moon to fill your cup, to give to others.

Jupiter went direct in August.
As said, Saturn went direct on the 18th September.
And Pluto goes direct in October.
Deep self-care and compassion are the key to any transition. Blessings.

Written by Simona Galimberti, from Voice Within. Image by Psychology Today.