New Moon Gemini, 3rd June – Red Tent Australia

Where is my mind?

With New Moon in Gemini at 12°33’. EST 8.01pm, it is only right to ask this question.

This New Moon is asking us to be mindful about the power of our words.

Are we using our words to bring a sense of connection and belonging, or a sense of separation from each other? Are you gossiping about others, or sharing your light with loving wit and charm? What lies behind our own self-talk? Are we nurturing, or are we critical, of our own thinking and actions from moment to moment?

On the dark phase of the moon, be mindful, and this term is not used flippantly as Gemini is a mutable air sign, all about the mind. Get into the detail and ensure research has been had prior to communicating information to others. Check your facts and intention upon sharing with others. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Gemini. It is a moment where our mood, emotions and intellect will all be in a talkative, open, social phase, craving all the juicy information we can get. Receive what is being said in a loving way, as Gemini can be ego-driven and arrogant when in its shadow. Try to remain in the heart, compassionate to all the mind-chatter.

Move the body. Go out , connect with others, do small acts of kindness. Give your heart and mind with generosity and move through the bursts of energy through your body in a playful way. You will find that you will be in the light of this energetic sign.

How can this play out in your circle for this New Moon?

You could invite a guest presenter to speak of a juicy topic and allow group participation.

As it is about words, find ways to share with creativity and written expression to shift the energy from the heaviness of the mind but still allow deep sharing during New Moon.

Perhaps a letter writing circle, to evoke the inner-child to find words of gratitude and appreciation – a love letter to one self to share with others.

Group into pairs and have one speaking while the other gauges in empathetic listening, and swap around the room to change partners; to allow deep needs to be expressed.

Play and sing to bring our sisters out of the mind and into their hearts.

For those who want a little more on the astrology of planets and how they are placed effecting us also with the New Moon in Gemini…

Sun and Moon are both in Gemini, highlighting a T-square formed with Jupiter Sagittarius and Neptune Pisces. We will receive a whole lot of information, but not a whole lot of clarity from the world around us. Legal issues and legalities may be highlighted with Jupiter. Confusion, overwhelm and lack of transparency may be experienced with Neptune. This is also an inspiring T-square, where creativity and spirituality and connection to Divine will come in messages, so take time to give your mind a break from the logic and go into creative expression to connect with our own spiritual guidance.

Mercury in Gemini opposed Jupiter – such a wonderful time to write, journal and speak up and share our knowledge.

South node of the Moon – Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. So all the aspects of Capricorn – ruthless ambition, coldness, restriction and control, earnestness and seriousness, yet, cool and commanding, steadfast and supportive will be pulled apart and will show up in the way you think, act and feel. These aspects will showcase on the collective world stage, as well. Check your intentions, always.

Take time to rest and ground, and be clear of the choices made before voicing action needed.

Positive affirmations are welcome as we calm the mind, and check-in with your self-talk.

(Check your free birth chart to understand where Gemini falls in your chart, and which house it lays around the 12°33’, as this will give you an indication to where it will effect you most in your life

Thank you to my astrology gurus Pam Gregory and Barbara Smith.

Image by Maria Saakyan